It’s been a bit of a few days for gun related stories from the US. We have had the dimwit dentist from Minnesota shooting a lion in Zimbabwe. This is after he was indicted a few years ago for shooting an endangered black bear in the US, and offing an endangered white rhino just for laughs. I think he may have a very small penis.

Then we have the Lafayette cinema killing. This was one of over 200 mass killings in the US this year. Two hundred is quite a lot in just about seven months. But Lafayette brought the loonies out of the woodwork. In particular, it brought Rick Perry out of the woodwork, and this man’s stupidity is stunning even for a Republican chasing high office.

Good old Rick ‘Call me Dimwit’ Perry reckons that if there had not been a prohibition on guns in the cinema, things would have been better, and the deaths might not have happened. His reasoning, if you can call it that? ‘I think that you allow citizens of this country who have been appropriately trained, appropriately backgrounded (sic) and know how to handle and use firearms to carry them…..we can stop this type of activity, or stop it before there’s as many people impacted as what we saw in Lafayette.’

Now if that’s not arrant gibberish I don’t know what is. Firstly, we have a man who would be President of the US whose grasp of English is as poor as Dubya’s. Then the reasoning. You get a gunman in a theatre, it’s dark, people are confused and panicked, and he thinks some vigilantes with guns can put a stop to things. Can you see that happening?

I note also he likes the idea of people being trained and ‘backgrounded.’ He belongs to the GOP that fiercely opposed background checks. Pretty much any nutjob can buy a gun. When I used to go to Utah, three days in a hotel was enough to have got me a temporary resident’s permit to pack heat. Three days.

Bernie Sanders takes a different view. He reckons if you have a criminal background, or have a history of domestic violence, then you can’t have a gun. End of story.

There’ll be a lot of yelling about the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Read carefully the bit where it specifies ‘well regulated militia.’ Not some bleeding lunatic shooting innocent people in a cinema. It’s like the bloody Wild West but even more violent.