Oh I’m just out of sorts again. And cross some numbnuts will try to censor my fiction. Charlie with no swearing? Pointless.
I know I posted this before, but I do not want a bunch of midwest hicks telling me what I can and cannot write, nor telling my readers what they should and should not read


The people who developed this app should be flayed alive, immersed slowly in hot oil, and fed to some pigs while still conscious.


It’s a latterday, hi-tech version of the not very much lamented Thomas Bowdler, who famously produced a family-friendly version of Shakespeare for his sister, who didn’t like the original language. What it does is offer you the opportunity to clean up the language that appears on your e-reader books. You can make it Clean, or Cleaner, or Squeaky Clean.

I have a simpler option. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT!

One aspect of this pettymindedness is that a lot of the finest writers will fall foul of it. Shakespeare, obviously, Chaucer, Norman Mailer, even DH Lawrence. Irvine Walsh and Ian McEwan, among a host of others, are living in the shadow of death as well. Another aspect of this is that it presupposes you…

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