I’m indebted to a national newspaper for this. Keith Richards has come out of his corner fighting, though how he’s still alive, let alone up for a pagga, is a bit of a mystery is it not?

Any road up, the Stones guitarist has reopened hostilities with the Beatles more reminiscent of the 60s. He told Esquire magazine, ‘The Beatles were great when they sounded like the Beatles.’ He goes on to conclude that when they recorded Sergeant Pepper, widely regarded by fans and critics alike as their zenith, it turned out they overdid things, and that it was self indulgent, a ‘mishmash of rubbish.’

As it happens the stories of 60s antagonism are mainly made up. But there has been some outstanding mudslinging in the music business. Elton John once famously said, ‘If you go and see a Britney Spears concert, you might as well stay at home and watch the video.’ Harsh but fair. Morrissey turned his sights on modern singer songwriters. ‘We’re force fed… Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, which at least means things can’t possibly get any worse.’ Harsh, but a bit unfair.

Liam Gallagher of Oasis frequently pitched into archrivals Blur. ‘Chas&Dave chimneysweep music.’ I tend to agree with him, since I can only think of two Blur tracks that I liked, and my then wife and I fell out about that in the 90s.

Pleased to see that Curt Cobain found the words to describe his disdain for Guns’n’Roses. ‘I can’t even waste my time on that band, because they’re so obviously pathetic and untalented.’ The only thing I liked about G&R was Slash, who has a great name and is from Stoke on Trent originally. So is Robbie Williams. If I had been born in Stoke I’d have wanted to get out too.

Lastly, the splendidly curmudgeonly old git David Crosby sticks it to Kanye West, something all right thinking people want to do. ‘Can’t write, sing, or play.’ I’d add that he married Kim Kardarsian too, a clear indicator of poor judgement as well as lack of talent.