A reprise of an old blog I like a great deal


I don’t think I’ve ever been to Liechtenstein, but it’s difficult to be sure. It’s pretty tiny; you could easily miss it.

I do mean small. I’ve seen bigger carparks at a decent size shopping mall. Small and landlocked. If you live in Liechtenstein your front drive is in Switzerland and you have to cross the border into Austria to get to your garden shed.

Public transport is very efficient, and never suffers from the vagaries of the Alpine climate. You get on the bus by the front door, walk through to the back, alight, and Bingo! You’re where you want to be. If you happen to be a car manufacturer, you can forget Liechtenstein as a market for stretch limos.

It has a booming economy, with the second highest GDP per capita in the world. Unemployment currently stands at about 1%, but that’s because he’s got a note from his mum.

Agriculture isn’t a big employer. Not surprisingly, as the average field is the size of a window box. You’d need to grow something that goes up rather than out. Bamboo might work, I suppose.

Apparently there’s a lot of industry. Nanotechnology probably, as there’s not much room for anything else. Oh, and stamps of course. These are much prized by philatelists. So there must be some highly skilled perforators there.

I don’t think the country (strictly a principality) has ever been involved in a major armed conflict. The invaders would roll across the border, and think the place was deserted as it’s Sunday and everyone has gone for a walk. ‘Oh well, we can keep the lawnmower here out of harm’s way.’

Not too surprisingly Liechtenstein is not renowned for world class sportspeople. Their football teams actually play in the Swiss League. They’ve had some success in downhill skiing despite there being only one ski resort in Malbun. If you overshoot you need to get the bus home from Geneva.

So all in all an intriguing if tiny country. And the inspiration for Corona della Rosa.