Those of you who are regulars here will know I’m a pretty freewheeling guy. Yes, I’m irascible, often irritated, but read between the lines, I’m rather liberal. Get on with it so long as you harm nobody, fine by me. Your life may not be what I’d follow, but vice versa. Do me no harm, I’ll do you no harm.

I draw the line at skanks. I’m rather surprised at my use of this pejorative term, but even I draw the line. At skanks. Those of you of a nervous or sensitive disposition may now wish to log off. I’ll give you a minute.

This is not a general dig at people on benefits. I don’t have a conceptual problem with them, and I don’t believe they’ll cause the downfall of civilisation as we know it. Here’s my problem. A young woman of whom I am acquainted has four children. A single mother of one, you can go, ‘Oh well, these things happen.’ Four? Hard to see any excuse.

All have different fathers. There is some uncertainty over the paternity of the fourth. Could be him, or it might be the other him. Oh yes, two of the children are in care. I forgot that. No she is not in a stable relationship, for reasons that will become abundantly clear.

She has never done a day’s work in her bloody life. I also feel that any woman going round her local pub offering oral sex for a ciggie, or sex for a drink, may not be a fit mother. I may be a bit old fashioned here.

It’s funny she can’t afford a drink or a cigarette, yet can afford the tats. Big tats are not cheap. Then she has no money. Her father and her sister dosh her up, she goes down the tattoo parlour, and dad/sis make sure the children get fed.

Not a good start to your week, I’m afraid.