Apparently there’s a growing trend in the US for students to ask for ideas, thoughts, even words, to be taken out of courses they are being taught.

Reasoning is? They don’t like them, and it’s causing them distress. Well, thinking can be a tough gig. I don’t LIKE the white supremacists burning black churches in the southern US. I don’t like ISIS. I hate to hear rapists, muggers, violent criminals and their apologists. I dislike bigotry. I dislike Trump, I dislike (read ‘detest’) Iain Duncan Smith. Distress me? They make me angry, but I don’t want to be wrapped in cotton wool and avoid any mention of them.

You cannot educate when you have to censor things just because they’re making pupils uncomfortable, maybe wrongfooted. That’s not education. It’s called pandering. But the pupils like it, so that’s OK.

No, it is not OK. If I were a teacher under that pressure, I might say this to my class.

‘Know what? You don’t want educating, you halfwits; you want to be swaddled, and I’m not prepared to do that. My job is to stop you being halfwits, and now I can’t do that. Report me to the Dean, your head of year, your head of studies, because I don’t give a rat’s arse. I’m off to a more fulfilling job as a burger flipper.’

This article distressed me but I’m not asking for it to be changed or removed.