I know it’s maid’s day off, but this was just too good not to share.

Some bunch of researchers with too much time and not enough to do decided to find out what determines why people get hangovers. You know, does the late-night kebab help? The pint of water before you go to bed?

No. The guys from the University of Utrecht concluded this. People who drink less tend to get less of a hangover than those who drink a lot.

No shit Sherlock! Whoever would have thought it?

The University of Utrecht is a bastion of careful and robust research with a well deserved worldwide reputation, but right at this moment I’m doubting the sanity of the research team.

The other point is that it’s the easy way out. No teetotaller ever had a hangover. Where’s the skill in that? Where’s the endurance, the dogged determination to get through it twelve hours later? Anybody can avoid a hangover by ducking the issue.