As you know, the Silly Season is the time when the press don’t have anything to do with their time. They make things up, or publish spurious surveys. You also know how I love surveys.

This is a great bit of trumped up nonsense. ‘Hungover Britons lost 22 hours of their summer this year recovering from nights of heavy drinking, research has found.’ This is from the i, and I expect better from them.

Although July and August have been very wet, Brits decided to fight fire with fire and get wet inside as well as out. This ‘study’ found that the after effects of boozing cost drinkers the equivalent  of an entire day in the past three months.

I think this has two aspects. One, there are some bloody makeweights out there. I know people who can do 20 pints and still scrub up well next day. If you claim a dodgy prawn next day, rather than two bottles of Prosecco, it will mark you as a tyro. Secondly, I simply do not believe the research.

The research was commissioned by Cancer Research UK. This is an admirable charity, and one I have done a lot of work with in the past. But they have an axe to grind. They are touting their month long alcohol free ‘Dryathlon’ in September. You may expect them to massage the figures a bit, don’t you think?

A survey of 2,000 drinkers. Pretty small sample size, but possibly adequate. Anyway, 24% admitted that feeling a bit grim after a night on the sauce stopped them going outside to enjoy good weather. I’d really like to see how this question was framed, because it’s frankly not believable. I don’t get hangovers much, but when I do I want to be out in the sun. This number rose to 40% for 18 to 40 year olds, despite the recent findings that record numbers of young people are eschewing the demon drink. How can that work? They drink less and suffer more? Eh?

This one I simply do not believe either. Nearly 280,000 Brits have missed an airflight because of a hangover. This comes from the Office of National Statistics, but I still doubt the accuracy. Yes, after a week in Ibiza, you may just be so disorientated you can’t remember it’s time to go home. It’s still a whoppingly unbelievably big figure.

About 23% of young adults (define ‘young’ please) admit to missing a day out after a thrash. Nonsense. You turn up looking like crap, and get back in the saddle.

Incidentally, I have only had three real hangovers. Not the ‘feeling a bit woolly’ sort. The proper life threatening ones. See below.