The ‘scandal’ that results from the Ashley Madison dating hack continues.

Firstly we find that bastion of family values, Josh Duggar, was a subscriber. Some numbskulls are crowing with delight. Myself, I only have sympathy for Anne, his wife. Her religion denied her much education, and inculcated in her the belief that she was a babymaking machine for her husband. She finds out he’s a child abuser, that’s bad. To find out he’s also an adulterer must have pretty much destroyed her. All her life, everything she believed in, is gone. Where does she go from there? She has nowhere to turn.

Many people are delighting in the schadenfreude of AM’s founder, Noel Biderman, being found dipping his wick outside the confines of his marriage. ‘Serves him right.’

Then there’s the case of Dan Loeb, a megadonor to the GOP. He got outed too. Since he had attacked Hillary Clinton’s marriage, people are now popping out of the woodwork and ranting about his hypocrisy.

But let’s just take a step back. If hypocrisy were a crime, we’d all be in jail with the keys thrown away. It’s not a crime to be two-faced. We all have a bit of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ in us.

Adultery isn’t a crime either. Some may regard it as a sin, I think most people see it as a huge betrayal of trust, but we can never fully know or comprehend the background, can we? The fact remains it’s not a crime.

Hacking and releasing confidential personal data is a crime. There’s a bloody outcry if governments do this, but it’s all right for a bunch of freelance blackhats is it? No I don’t think it is. Nor do I think it’s too clever to destroy a company just because you can and it’s irritated you. Ashley Madison’s operation was a sleazy one, but not illegal. Hacking is.

I also hope said blackhats have trouble sleeping at night with the thoughts of several suicides associated with the hack running through their heads. I also hope they’re having doubts as to exactly why they feel it’s OK to expose people and watch the divorce proceedings that result.

The only crime here was perpetrated by the hackers. They are not heroes. They are just self indulgent, self centred cleverdicks with their heads up their own sanctimonious yet ruthless arses.

Good job guys. Anne Duggar and the rest of the innocents, the collateral damage as it were, had it coming to them. They deserved it for being stupid.

No they didn’t and no they weren’t. Only one set of criminals here. Just one.