Here’s some blurb about somebody who’s right up there with Samuel Hahnemann, the fraudster who first foisted homeopathy on an unsuspecting and gullible world. It refers to a Jamie Sherrill.

‘As Hollywood’s skin expert Jamie has recurring beauty segments on Extra TV. She is a frequent celebrity skin advisor for shows like The Doctors, The Today Show, Good Day LA and VH1’s Hollywood Exes. She is most fondly referred to as Nurse Jamie by her patients.’

There’s a hint in her title here. She’s a nurse. This is not to decry nurses, most of whom I hold in very high regard. Being a nurse working with real patients is a very tough gig indeed. Jamie Sherrill, on the other hand, has taken a line of lesser resistance. She’s a quack fleecing Hollywood A listers with more money than sense. She has a clinic in Abu Dhabi as well, and the UAE is a pretty wealthy area, though I did find out the other day that LA’s economy is bigger than that of Saudi Arabia. This would explain why LA was Sherrill’s first port of call. Not much point in setting up in the Bowery.

Branching out to new pastures she now has a place in London, because there are lots of rich people here too that she can steal from. One of the things on offer is ‘oxygen therapy.’ For a mere 200 quid a go you can be treated to a room with an atmosphere of pure oxygen. According to the blurb, many habitués go in wearing only a towel, ‘so oxygen seeps into every pore.’ It doesn’t of course. The skin is designed to be impermeable and if oxygen can get in it would be able to get out and we’d all asphyxiate.

Then there’s the thorny problem of oxygen toxicity at higher levels, even at normal atmospheric pressure. It’s not something you want to mess with, really, since oxygen toxicity is a concern for all manner of reasons, not least it will mess with your lungs, may cause retinal damage, and has some pretty nasty effects on your CNS. Still fancy your chances?

Since she’s a nurse, she can’t have carried out any formal scientific studies, something that has never bothered that other great fraudster, Gillian McKeith, either. Despite that, she claims that oxygen therapy ‘…helps eliminate toxins and aids formation of collagen and elastin.’

As per usual, people with a lot more money than sense are forming an orderly queue round the block. These are the same people who rave about how much better they feel after a coffee enema, even though they wouldn’t sully their corporeal temple by drinking the stuff. One end good, other end bad. Fans include Rita Ora, David Beckham, Mo Farah, and Madonna. Michael Jackson famously used to think his oxygen bubble helped him deal with the stress of touring, at least till he discovered propafol.