Another bit of a to-do about the bad behaviour of a schoolchild. A 13 year old in Sheffield was sent home from school because of her haircut, which she had done during the school holidays. It’s hideous. Combover with leopard spots in the shaved bit.


Her mum is clearly a bit of a numbnuts. Firstly, if my 13 year old daughter suggested having her hair cut like that, I’d be saying, ‘Oh no you don’t. My house, my rules, and you abide by them.’ Secondly if my daughter breached school rules, as she clearly did, I wouldn’t then bang on about how her human rights had been somehow attacked.

I’m a big believer in the Human Rights Act. I’m not a big fan of idiots invoking it to make such preposterously lame statements. The girl is not at liberty to ‘express herself as she wants,’ when that involves breaking school rules.

You breach somebody’s human rights when you torture them, kill their family members, drive them from their homes, kidnap them, steal their land, sell them, enslave them. Those are breaches of human rights. Getting tough with some spoilt little brat with a bad attitude and a diabolical haircut is not breaching their human rights.

Last word here from  Dale Barrowclough, the head of Forge Valley school in Sheffield, the scene of this hideous infringement of this stroppy girl’s rights. ‘The policy clearly states that extreme haircuts, including hair colour, are not allowed.’ Can’t be too much more specific than that can you?

Distressingly I have had to agree with the Daily Mail  about this. Oh the shame.