This one really should be marked in your diaries. You may need to sit down before I break the momentous news.

Right, here we go. Just for once, I’m on David Cameron’s side. Yes, CallMeDave has my unconditional support. How did this come about, you are wondering?

He made a joke about Yorkshire. It was quite a good one as it happens. ‘We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else. We didn’t realise they hated each other so much.’

As a dyed in the wool red rose, I myself have made similar jokes on a regular basis, often to Yorkshire tykes who recognise my inherited Lancastrian right to make mock of them. It’s what we do across the Pennines.

Not unsurprisingly, the social media lit up like Guy Fawkes Night. The usual suspects popped out, accusing Cameron of being ‘arrogant’ and ‘toffee nosed.’ If whoever was making the comments didn’t realise this was a joke, then there’s an expression for them too. It’s ‘as dumb as a bag of wet mice.’ Or, if you prefer, ‘humourless gits.’

One other thing. I’d put good money on none of the complainants being from Yorkshire. This reaction smells badly of the Islington elite. They must have sold a lot of soapboxes in N5 yesterday.