Last week, UK MPs stupidly rejected right to die legislation.

A certain Caroline Spelman said, ‘Life is a gift from God with all it entails, including pain and suffering. It is not for us to bring it to an end.’ She is a commissioner of the Second Church Estates. A major godbotherer.

Two aspects to this. Firstly, should she ever contract some hideous scourge, and I sincerely hope she doesn’t, she may think differently.

Secondly, I don’t want legislation to be based on somebody’s religious beliefs. Invoke a god, any god, and you’ve lost the argument. MPs are there to represent the views of their constituents, not their own belief systems. They understand this in the US, where despite the Huckabees and Rands of this world, church and state are clearly separated. Why don’t people get it here? Why didn’t the vote mirror the 82% of the population in the UK who were in favour of this as an idea?

She then excelled herself as an idiot. In further defence of her stance on dignified euthanasia, she said she feared it would ‘legitimise’ suicide. Caroline, it’s already not a crime in the UK. It does not need to be legitimised. You vote on new laws when you don’t know the current laws? You have a job, so do it, but do your background research FIRST. Suicide is already legal. What a numpty. Who voted for her?

Then the odious Peter Hitchens sprang into action in The Mail On Sunday. He’s almost as odious as Iain Duncan Smith, and he only gets pipped by IDS because that politician has the power to carry out the decisions that Hitchens likes being made to screw over anybody not rich and privileged.

Regarding the election of Jeremy Corbyn, Hitchens went off on one. ‘My hope is that a patriotic, conservative, and Christian equivalent of Corbyn will emerge to take him on…’ Let’s leave the jingoistic appeal for patriotism for now. It’s the word Christian  that’s annoying. Since when did being a Christian make you right for any job apart from being a member of the clergy? Religion is immaterial. Yet even if the RTD idea had got through the Commons, the bloody bishops who make up a big number of the Lords seats would have cravenly vetoed it. Sod what people think in the country. Cling onto your religion, cling onto power.

Here’s an interesting statistic. Nearly 75% of American prison inmates identify themselves as Christian. For atheists, it’s a mere 0.2%. If, as people such as Hitchens think, atheists can’t have any morals, the jails should be brimful of atheists. Yet even the 3.4% of the population who regard themselves as atheists are woefully under-represented.