As you know, I occasionally get irritated by people on ReadWave hijacking what is essentially a fiction site in order to be worthy or environmentally right on. I know the icecaps are melting, and that there’s a plastic bag island in the Pacific, and yes it’s bad, but it’s not fiction. It would be better if it was just a bit of post-apocalypse sci-fi, obviously, but it’s not fiction.

There’s one writer in particular who is particularly prolific, and particularly annoying. He has a real bee in his bonnet about the evils of modern technology. He referenced somebody referring to technology as the ‘Whore of Babylon,’ which seemed a bit extreme to me. That somebody happens to be the Pope, so we really should sit up and take notice shouldn’t we? Ahem.

Then there’s another citation, this one from a nutter doctor in Portland who says that young people who spend a lot of time online would be ‘better off dead.’ Again, that’s a bit hyperbolic, isn’t it?

You may have spotted the inherent contradiction here. Here he is, banging on about the evils of technology, and all the while writing this drivel on a computer and posting it on the final frontier of technology, the internet. How logical is that? Not very, is it? As it happens I tend to agree with some of the less demented of his ramblings, but without technology I’d never have had 71,000 reads on the fiction sites I use.

This scallywag also uses a really cheap trick. He always puts his blatherings into the Feminism category. His writing isn’t about feminism, but this is a surefire method of getting into the Recommended category. Not that it does him any good. He averages about 60 to 70 reads, and my last story about Rick and Charlie went over 630 in the first week.