A couple of the better quality papers carried this story on Tuesday. Ladybird Books create some wonderful books aimed at children. They’re in the manner of User’s Guides, and will steer confused young minds through the minefield that is life. Now, to celebrate their 100th anniversary, they’ve given permission for some modern updates with an adult target audience. They look majestically funny if I’m to judge from the titles and covers.

First up, two straight ‘How it works’ guides. In this case we have ‘How it works. The Wife,’ and ‘How it works. The Husband.’ The one about husbands has a splendid cover of a man doing some plumbing with the aid of a blowtorch.

Some real gems then. ‘The Midlife Crisis’ with lots of classic and musclecars on the cover. ‘Dating.’ I do hope they include what not to eat on a first date.



‘The Ladybird Book of The Hangover’ has an illustration of a man being talked down off a window ledge, so the authors have a very clear sense of the existential angst, dread, and general gloom associated with a real ripsnorter.

Did I really do/say that?

The ‘Mindfulness’ tome has a suitably wispy blond earthgoddess eyeing up a butterfly in a meadow. ‘The Hipster’ has a really great picture of a Peeler with extravagant facial hair, as objectionable as can be.

My favourite though is truly inspired. A real blinder of an idea. ‘The Ladybird Book of The Shed.’ Genius. The only way to improve on that would have been to call it ‘The Ladybird Book of The Mancave.’