Those of a political persuasion just to the right of Attila the Hun got a rare old kicking from the Lords on Monday. They got back in the saddle later in the week to show the populace just what a bunch of malicious, ruthless, interfering bullies they really are. As if we needed any proof.

First we had the loathsome, slimy Iain Duncan Smith coming up with the genius idea of placing job advisors in food banks. Bear in mind he’s denied there’s any need for food banks, but this wheeze seems to suggest he’s expecting these unnecessary facilities to be around for a while. He’s also the guy who said anybody can live on 53 quid a week. He declined an invitation to show how it can be done, probably because he spends more than that shoving lunch into the prissy little mouth in that smug fat face of his, then claims the money back via his expenses that we in the UK pay for.

Next up. Julie Cooper, the Labour MP for Burnley, put forward a Private Members Bill to make carers exempt from parking charges. Since the Tories hate anybody who’s ill, unless they have private health insurance, they hate the idea of caring for people full stop. Also if the unwell die earlier because of lack of care, that’s solving the housing crisis a bit, isn’t it? More property for buy to let landlords to snap up. That’s why Tory MPs filibustered the bill, making overly lengthy speeches till the bill ran out of its allotted time. Self serving? Tories? Naah.

Then the splendidly powercrazed Theresa May stepped up to the plate. She’s had the great idea of extending police powers to pry into the affairs of citizen’s of this sceptered isle. The intention is to allow police unlimited access to look at browsing histories, telephone logs, email senders/recipients, you name it. Everybody will be fair game. I’ll end up in the Tower in all probability, since the power of approval will rest with ministers, not with the independent judiciary.

For all those who say that if you’re not guilty of anything you have nothing to worry about, the surviving members of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six might have a few thoughts on the matter. I expect Shaker Aamer has his views as well, after 13 years in Guantanamo without trial. Leon Brittan’s family might want a word in your shell-like too.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. The Lords are girding their loins to pounce on the ‘Snoopers Charter.’ Good for the House of Lords. That’s not a sentiment you’ll hear often from me.

Still on the snoopers charter, with all that surveillance going on, soon the much depleted rozzers will all be hunched over computer screens while you’re being threatened at knifepoint or having your house burgled. Latest suggested solution to understaffing? Volunteer coppers. Unpaid plastic plod. That will strike fear into the hearts of criminals, won’t it?