A rather more thoughtful post than is my general wont.

Some swivel eyed military buffoon was quoted over the weekend as saying that getting some troops and armour on the ground could lead to the defeat of IS troops in just a fortnight. I can’t be the only person to spot the flaw in the logic here.

This guy may have been at the helm when we comprehensively messed up in Afghanistan and got our arses whipped by a bunch of men hiding in caves. The place is still in uproar, because as usual the military were gung-ho for the scrap, but the politicians and they hadn’t bothered to work out an exit strategy.

Next, Iraq and Syria. We f****** up mightily there too. We beat the crap out of Iraq, on false pretences, wrecked the infrastructure, and left the poor bastards to it. We stomped into the civil war in Syria to try to topple Assad, and that didn’t work either. The whole problem with the spread of IS in Iraq and Syria is largely of our making.

Just how this slavering lunatic expects us to defeat IS in two weeks when we spent many years trying to nail down previous armies in the same region, and failed, I am at a loss to explain. Bloody hell, it took us 74 days to get back control of the Falkland Islands, and we knew where the enemy was..

Then we have the problem that IS isn’t a centralised fighting force. Estimates place the number of fighters at about 300,000. However, they’re spread across an area roughly the size of England. That means the average density of IS is two per square kilometre. We have another problem, namely those people who inconveniently get in the way. Just this weekend eight people, including two doctors from Medecin sans Frontieres, were injured when air-launched missiles hit a hospital in Syria. Nobody has fessed up to that little fiasco yet, but bear in mind it sure wasn’t IS, since they have no combat aircraft.

Meanwhile Call Me Dave is trying to whip up crossparty support for some real posturing in Syria, and get a mandate to start bombing in earnest. Exactly what he intends to bomb isn’t clear, since IS usually hole up in hospitals (see above), schools, public buildings. That makes them hard to find, hard to hit, and even harder to hit without taking out innocent bystanders.

If we put troops on the ground, we’d better order in a joblot of bodybags, and get the coffin reception facilities at RAF Brize Norton ready for a run on the markets in Union Flags.

Bombing these murdering bastards, assuming we can find them, won’t do a damned thing to stop the terrorist attacks that have led to the hawks coming up out of the ground like the Hydra’s heads. Absolute madness.