I’ve been very good and largely eschewed having a go at The Weave over in the US, but enough is enough.

This f****** madman hates everybody. He started his campaign by besmirching the good name of Latinos. All Latinos are drug dealers and rapists. He’s going to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and force Mexico to pay for it. He’s not too clear how he intends to do that. I hope he leaves a customs post so the signature clothing he has made over the border in underpaid sweatshops can get into the Union.

He’s a pro-lifer who advocates loosening gun laws. Foetuses count, children and adults don’t.

He’s a Bible thumper, or so he claims. The Bible is his ‘favourite book.’ If he read it carefully he’d see that theologically life begins when the first breath is drawn, but that’s not in his world of thinking so he ignores that awkward point.

Ban all Moslems from entering the US. At first he stated that this would include US citizens who happened to be out of the country, but he’s rescinded that. He’s not made clear how he’s going to identify Moslems anyway. If border guards ask, the law abiding ones will fess up and be refused, and the bad guys will lie.

He’s so off the wall that even the likes of Cruz, Huckabee, and the rest of the GOP are against him. This includes Carly Fiorino, who’s pretty swivel-eyed herself, but he got her back up by slagging off a female interviewer for giving him a hard time because he reckoned she was menstruating.

This man is as dumb as a bag of wet mice, but here’s the dispiriting aspect. He keeps coming Top of the Pops in the polls. The rest of the loonie GOP candidates are falling over themselves to distance themselves from him, it’s been pointed out that the Weave’s racist attitudes disqualify him from the presidency, yet 60-odd% of unemployed white American Republicans would vote for him. And they’d go with him if he stops being a Republican and runs as an independent. This is despite the fact that his rhetoric is actually in violation of the Constitution, and flies in the face of the wishes of the Founding Fathers.

Oh, and let’s not forget he deferred his draft five times yet still wants to put troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria. He wants others to do what he cravenly avoided.

There’s a move in the UK to have him banned from entering the country. I’d let him in then have him nicked for inciting racial hatred. We’d need to find a good home for the guinea pig on his head, though. No reason that should suffer more than it already has.

guinea pig