I’ll keep this relatively short and sweet, as I expect you’ll all be girding your loins for the shindig tonight. I myself expect to be in bed by about 10, but hey ho.

I’ve been looking at my WordPress stats for the runup to Christmas, and the subsequent few days. The results are a bit bothersome.

I saw a flower continued to be popular; you might even say it’s a hardy perennial. But some of the others are less jovial.

How to commit the perfect murder. That’s not very festive at all, but it was remarkably popular. So was How to poison your friends. Meanwhile over on one of my fiction sites, Coming home for Christmas continued to be a surprise hit. It’s a tale of yuletide sex and murder, where a man offs his wife and her lover on Christmas Eve.

I think what this tells us is that being jolly at Christmas is just as stressful as the shrinks say it is, and people were looking for a way out of their misery.

That’s all for this year, folks. 2015 comes to an end. But don’t forget, 2016 will see the arrival of How to follow the Alphabet Detox Diet, and if you have a heavy night tonight you’ll need all the help you can get tomorrow.