I have a very soft spot for the outer fringes of the lunatic fraternity, and their endless conspiracy theories. Who shot JFK is, for these wackos, the gift that keeps on giving.

In the UK we’ve largely been spared the raving idiocy of the chemtrail theorists. Indeed many of my UK readers may never even have heard what’s going on, since they’re in general far too smart to fall for this twaddle. But here’s a typical bit of coverage. I love the title of the publication.


I’ll précis it for you, since if you plough your way through this crap you’ll likely lose the will to live.

Here’s the deal. We all know that under certain weather conditions aircraft leave vapour trails, more correctly called contrails. There’s a simple explanation; they’re generally formed from condensation from water vapour in engine exhaust, which may freeze. In WWII it was quite a problem when bombers were flying too high to be seen but they left contrails that more or less shrieked ‘Peek-a-boo.’ This is not something the loonies at ufos-aliens seem to have noticed

Now the wackos have got on the case. Apparently, some unknown agency associated with ‘government’ is spraying chemicals and pathogens from aircraft. Exactly why nobody knows, but the weirdies think it may be some form of control over the proles.

These chemtrails are apparently much more long lived than ordinary contrails, so that’s how you know you’re being poisoned. But that raises an awkward question, doesn’t it?

If the chemtrails are persistent, that means they’re staying put where they are. If that’s the case, whatever nasties are in them aren’t reaching the ground are they?

Then we have the question of just how much stuff you need to chuck out of a plane at 30,000 ft in order for a useful amount of whatever it is to reach the ground. Even if it were something really hair-raising such as VX or sarin, it would be so diluted there’d be no problem down on the deck. You have to get up close and personal to do any real damage.

Then, hey, what about the politicians masterminding this? They’d be exposed too, wouldn’t they? How does that work? They have to breathe the same air as we lesser mortals, don’t they?

If you want to poison the unwashed masses, by far the best way to do it would be in the water supply. The wackos think that’s happening too.