Obama takes an executive decision to apply existing laws, not new legislation, to enforce strict background checks on gun owners and sellers. The GOP goes mental about this ‘unprecedented abuse of power.’ Hardly unprecedented. The Republicans have quite a track record here, as you can see.exec powers

Meanwhile the NRA whines on about the legislation being ‘open to abuse.’ The way the law was applied before was open to abuse, as 31,000 people a year would attest, were it not for the fact they’re dead from gunshot wounds.

Up in Oregon there’s a stack of domestic terrorists holed up in a government building. Getting in wasn’t too hard, since it was unoccupied at the time, and now they’re squatters. With assault rifles. Who are supporting two men found guilty of arson on federal property. One of the arsonists also flat out refused to pay for his grazing rights for his cattle. They’re criminals in other words. However, they turned up quietly at court on Monday to be re-sentenced, ignoring the morons hanging around in a nature reserve and threatening to shoot to kill if anybody tried to winkle them out of their pathetic little shell.

The terrorists refer to themselves as a militia, and keep citing the Second Amendment. This does indeed allow for the formation of ‘well-regulated militia.’ Regulated suggests a degree of organisation. These guys are so bloody organised they’ve already run out of food. They’ve been calling for supporters to send food parcels via the postal service. This is an arm of the very government against which they’re protesting. Several of them have also been in receipt of federal grants and welfare benefits. Their supporters have taken to the social media bleating that they’d love to be there, but can’t afford to get to Oregon because their (federal) welfare payments have been delayed.

The group and its numbnut supporters are now whingeing because the (federal) water and electric supplies have been cut off.

Just to put the icing on the cake, six of the GOP presidential wannabees have voiced their support for these redneck bollockbrains. These are people running for high office who are supporting another bunch of people determined not to pay any attention to the government or the law. It just so happens these Oregon dimwits are white. I doubt the GOP would hesitate to urge the president to nuke them out if they were black or Moslems.

By the way, shares in Smith & Wesson and Ruger rose on the assumption there’d be a run on weapon sales when Obama intervened.

Any Murcans who can explain why this whole sorry affair is not a crock of shit, please feel free to do so. You may also want to explain why Fox News has defamed Barack Obama (again) by falsely claiming he had a raw onion to hand so he could feign tears for children killed in a mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut.

And please feel free to elaborate on why returning federal land ‘to the people who owned it’ doesn’t involve the indigenous Paiute tribe, who were there a bloody long time before these hillbillies turned up.