A couple of really oddball stories have come to light, both based on the fun and frolics afforded by the World Wide Web.

Ever heard of a city in central Peru called Cerro de Pasco? Neither had I, but it’s clearly a place crammed with people who aren’t allowed anything sharp. The BBC did a project to find the most searched for songs on smartphones. Why is a bit of a mystery, but Cerro de Pascoans are even more mysterious.

In this throbbing metropolis, the most searched for song, which pushed Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money into second place, was More Then I Can Say by Leo Sayer. If you’re under about 35, you’ll likely be unaware of who he is, and you may thank your lucky stars for being in a state of ignorance. He was big in the 70s with a string of chart hits including the truly awful One Man Band. I myself found him insufferably bouncy, and what was he thinking of with his hair?leo

Having said that he wasn’t completely untalented, since he co-wrote Givin’ It All Away, which gave no less a personage than Roger Daltrey his first solo hit. He still has the hair, but to the eternal gratitude of most people in the UK he now lives in Australia. He toured here last year, and presumably cranked out this dirge.

Moving swiftly on to the world of fashion. I have some fixed opinions about fashion that I’m sure I have no need to elaborate upon to you. You’ll know me well enough by now. However, now and then this parasitic industry can hold my interest, and a recent revelation about the Italian company Diesel caught my eye.

They already have a presence on dating sites Tinder and Grindr. I know these are dating sites because it says so in the i before you get the wrong idea. Now some marketing genius has come up with a truly inspired bit of thinking. The company is to start advertising on porn sites.

I think this is a wizard wheeze, little short of genius, though I suspect there’ll be a lot of fast forwarding to get through to the next bit of hot girl on girl action. But it makes sense. You know there’s a massive audience, even if not all of it is in your target demographic. I’m not sure about Diesel’s target demographic, but a shufti at their website suggests early 20s hipsters. Even given that, some early 20s hipsters are bound to be punting about on porn sites, so you’ll get their attention, however briefly.

There’s the added advantage that if your partner asks what you’ve been up to, you can put your hand on your heart and say, ‘Looking for clothes.’