I’ll give you a rest from The Weave and Sarah Palin, and the rest of the goptards running for candidacy. This is closer to home. To my home anyway.

An acquaintance of mine has just been sacked. Not made redundant, this was a real ‘never darken my doorstep again’ event. He had been a manager in a reasonably sized commercial concern, and there were several more of those concerns operating as a group under common ownership. In a position like that, you can expect to climb the corporate ladder if you’re good at your job and keep your nose clean.

He was good at his job, but signally failed to keep his nose clean. He wasn’t skimming money or pinching stock. Nothing like that. He was having an affair with one of the staff.

Now there’s nothing illegal in this. However, I’ve always felt that dipping your pen in the company inkwell is a bit tacky when the dippee is your junior in both age and standing in the company. No laws were harmed in the making of this sorry state of affairs, but it’s a bit tasteless. Not a sacking offence though by any means, is it?

Well, it is when you get caught in flagrante delicto on company premises. You might still get away with just a fingerwagging if you’re on your own time. If you’re on company time, within working hours, you might anticipate things could go badly wrong. He didn’t, and they did. Bam. One strike and you’re out.

This is where things go really badly awry. I neglected to mention he was already living with another woman, and had been for a goodly time, so he was playing an away fixture too.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when he got home or made the phonecall.

‘Errrmmm. I’ve got something to tell you.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I’ve been fired.’

‘What on earth for?’

‘Errrmmm, I got caught shagging one of the junior staff. In a meeting room. On company time.’

‘I’ll pack my bags, you bastard.’

See, that’s what I call really, really dumb. I can see how he got tempted. She’s intelligent, funny, vivacious, great smile, pretty, nice figure; the whole package is a good one. But surely not worth losing your job and risking your relationship and/or home.