A few gun related stories, and would you believe it? They’re all from the US.

Firstly, not that long ago, a woman in Michigan shot herself in the eye with a handgun, and died from the wound. But listen up. She shot herself while she was adjusting her bra holster. I thought this must be a spoof, but it was reported on a lot of reliable platforms.


I had a real WTF moment when I read about this. I’ve heard of carrying concealed weapons, but in your BRA? Who the hell thought a bra holster was a good idea?

If you have to wrestle your way through your top layers of clothing to get at the heat you’re packing, you’re likely to die in the attempt. No violent perp is going to hang around for you to discard your topcoat and jacket, and fumble under your blouse, not unless he, or indeed she, thinks they’ve hit a real live wire and is on a promise.

And here’s another thing. Not something to wear on a date where you’re hoping for some action, ladies. I once discovered a girl I was dallying with was wearing a wig, and that was a surprise. Start the groping process and find a gun? That could change your perspective on life permanently.

Now we travel south to North Carolina. Some hillbilly was drunk, and stacked his car in the heavy snows over the weekend. Several local people went out to help him, and one of them made the mistake of saying, ‘He’s drunk. Let’s let the police sort this out.’ So the drunk plugged him, and he died of a single gunshot wound.

Then we have the interesting statistic that last year, 2015, 52 people were shot dead by children under the age of three. There have been three fatalities this year. Back in 2013, one corpse was the victim of a child’s ‘My First Rifle.’ These were made by an outfit called Crickett Firearms. ‘My First Rifle.’ Bloody hell. Too bad Crickett didn’t put on the packaging ‘Do not point this at your two year old sister and loose off a round in her face.’ They put warnings on coffee cups (Caution. Contents may be hot) but not on firearms.

Look at the brouhaha a couple of weeks ago when Obama dared to stand up to the NRA and the arms manufacturers, and extend the use of background checks for people buying firearms. He didn’t even introduce new legislation, merely signed off on more rigid enforcement. All the GOP candidates popped out of the woodwork tearing their hair and rending their cloth. You’d think Obama had just passed legislation demanding the life of firstborn children.

Before anybody wades in with ‘Most gun owners are responsible,’ and starts to cite the Second Amendment, that allows the right to bear arms with the express purpose of forming ‘well-regulated militias’, not go around offing random people in a school or cinema or shopping mall.

Don’t get me started on those raving lunatics in Malheur Nature Reserve in Oregon who finally got what they had coming to them on Tuesday night. Nor on this piece of idiocy.


Then Americans wonder why we non-Americans stand aghast.