You have to hand it to Cameron’s Cronies, they don’t cut corners in their attempts to establish a single party state. They’re totally dedicated to staying in power however much they screw over the population. I advisedly said stay in power, not stay in government.

Firstly, come 2018, there will be changes to the constituency boundaries. The aim of this is to a/ make constituencies about the same size, which makes sense, and b/ reduce the number of MPs, also an admirable aim. However, what will happen is that the proposed changes mysteriously mean that the Toffs would end up with another 20 seats to add to their majority in the Commons. Fewer Opposition members to make things awkward. This used to be called gerrymandering didn’t it?

The Boundaries Commission is supposed to be independent, but guess what? It’s stuffed with Toff Party high rollers. The UK has the largest proportion of private political contributors of any European country, and they aren’t lining Labour’s coffers much, are they? They’re buying influence with the Toffs.

Oh, and as for reducing the number of MPs, might I suggest therefore that CallMeDave also stops stuffing the House with the red benches with his bloody party sponsors.

On the subject of sponsorship, CMD is trying to take an axe to the funding that Labour receives from the unions, and slash the state allowance by about £8 million. This is clearly intended to make it even harder for an effective Opposition to be formed. To be fair there’s a lot of unrest about this in the Toff ranks in both Houses, and Cam may be forced to backtrack. Not for the first time.

Toff Spice really excelled himself this week on a matter unrelated to screwing the Opposition parties. He instead turned his deathgaze on his own loyal voters. Yep, really. In the upcoming referendum on the UK staying in or leaving the EU, he’s told MPs they shouldn’t worry about the views of their own constituency associations. Yes, you did just read that. There was also a veiled threat about MPs voting ‘…because they’re worried about a boundary review…’ Read between the lines and that means ‘Toe the party line and ignore the voters, because if you lose your constituency at the border shuffle you might as well get a job flipping burgers. You’ll be out in the political cold with your nose pressed up against the window till you die.’

Add in the increasing use of statutory instruments to get legislation through on the QT, and the Toffs really are determined to f*** us over for their own ends. I didn’t vote for the bastards, but even those who did are getting thoroughly shafted. The odious IDS, in the same week that Gorgeous George nodded through a ‘deal’ with Google for them to pay a paltry 130 million for 10 years of back taxes, has cut funding for mobility scooters and cars for the disabled and those who are amputees. This includes military personnel wounded in bloody yet pointless conflicts in places we should never have been..

Truly the Toffs are the party to trust with the UK’s future. ‘We’re all in it together.’ My arse.

Stop Press. Another of the Toff MPs has been caught out by the Standards Committee for not declaring his earnings outside of the House. To the tune of £800,000. Hard to imagine you can forget that you earned that lot.