If you live in the UK, you may be under the impression you live in a democracy. Let me disabuse you of that idea. You, and I, live in a dictatorship, and it’s not a benevolent one.

Ignore for now the fact that Pigshagger Dave and his Toffs are sneaking legislation through the back door by using statutory instruments instead of proper grownup discourse in Parliament. That’s pretty much hidden, but we know it happens.

Let’s consider instead the following scenario. Imagine there’s overwhelming evidence from other countries, including the Scandinavian countries and Holland, that sex education in schools raises the age at which children/teens have sex for the first time. Imagine these countries also have lower rates of STDs than does the UK. Imagine these countries have much reduced rates of teenage pregnancy. You might conclude that sex education in schools is a good idea, mightn’t you?

You’ll be pleased to know that several independent commissions agree with you. So do several Parliamentary committees. So does the vast majority of MPs of all hues, including the Toffs.

Well, tough.

Pigshagger disagrees and has vetoed the legislation that would require all schools to provide sex education. Seems his overweening sense of his own importance kicked in, and he made a unilateral decision that he knows best. Sod everybody else, I’m the bloody genius with all the answers. Even his own Cabinet is up in arms here, and you can probably imagine the way the female members of the inner circle are reacting to this tinpot dictator ignoring everybody else.

As it happens, sex education for children over the age of 11 is required. But there are two get out clauses. Academies have a free hand, and they form the bulk of secondary schools. I’ve no real idea how academies work, but it seems to me they get given state money and do what the hell they want. Faith schools are also exempt. Please do not get me started on the concept of faith schools receiving government funding to act as they see fit. I’ll address the whole issue of faith schools at a time when I’m not so bloody cross.

Pigshagger knows best, and don’t you dare forget it. Or perhaps he’s just pandering to the big guns who tip money into the Toff coffers? You know, the people who buy votes? Surely not. Ridiculous idea.

On a marginally related issue (it’s about faith). Some bunch of rednecks who form the town council in Shitkicker, Arkansas or somewhere similar, had a Jewish councillor escorted from the chamber so the rest of the redneck council could offer up prayers to Jesus. That’s another WTF moment for you. Shameful. Since when did Christianity become a cult? Since when did religion have a part in the governance of anything in the secular US?