Pigshagger is trying very hard to convince people that staying in the EU is a wizard idea, and that he’s pulled off a miracle akin to turning water to wine in renegotiating the conditions of the UK’s membership. Nobody believes him when he says he pulled the coals from the fire. The rest of the EU want us in, so the ‘negotiations’ were always a sham.

Now we get to the tricky bit. Pigshagger will campaign vigorously to remain, and he’ll use funds from the taxpayer to do so. That’s money everybody in the UK has chipped in, and that includes those people who want out. The Out groups won’t get any cash from the government to make their case, but Pigshagger and his allies have already started spending your and my hard earned cash.

That’s not very democratic, is it? Rigging the voting using my money. I happen to be weakly in favour of staying in, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not in favour of the Toffs spending money they could usefully spend elsewhere to skew the voting.

Meanwhile, another of the Bullingdon Boys has waded into the fray. Bozzer has come out of the corner swinging, and he’s an Out fan. This is a mild embarrassment to Pigshagger, since Bozzer is a ‘great friend’ of his. Friend or not, PS is setting out to discredit him. He’s accused the affable blond moptop of wanting only to further his political ambitions, and of not having the interests of the nation at heart.

That’s a bit rich coming from the Toffs. Pigshagger, Rhyming Slang, Gorge, Odious, and the rest of the crew don’t seem to have the best interests of the nation at heart, do they? They’re determined to dismantle the NHS, impoverish still further those who don’t have much to start with, make sure our children are poorly educated, bugger about with our pensions… The list goes on.

Meanwhile their Toff allies on the red benches continue to claim 300 quid a day just to turn up. I get less than that in a month.