This is a follow-up to something I put out about a year ago. However, since then America has become a lot more confusing for a Brit, especially one who’s a bit dim. So be gentle with me when you respond.

  1. At the Nevada caucus, a poll official wearing Donald Trump campaign clothing
  2. On that thorny topic, Donald Trump full stop
  3. And Cruz. And Rubio
  4. Jeb Bush, who cheated to get his brother into the White House, looked like a moderate before he threw in the towel. A Bush dynast looking moderate?
  5. Kasich defunding Planned Parenthood, denying women access to services to promote their sexual health and wellbeing
  6. On Planned Parenthood, how can pro-lifers feel it’s acceptable to kill staff members, but not acceptable for women to be rid of a small bundle of cells?
  7. That Republican who reckons women shouldn’t vote because it’s not how a biblical family operates. It’s the man’s job to make the decisions. The 19th Amendment is unbiblical
  8. The 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct, but the constitutional right and responsibility of the president to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice doesn’t count
  9. Antonin Scalia should be allowed to vote on matters SCOTUS even though he’s dead
  10. Sharia law is a bad thing. Laws based on the Bible are a good thing
  11. Michelle Bachman gets airtime to claim the Bible outweighs the Constitution, which was specifically designed to separate church from state
  12. That weirdo Susan DeLemus in New Hampshire. ‘The Pope is the anti-Christ. Do your research’
  13. That weirdo who thinks people should be legally required to attend a place of worship on a weekly basis. Presumably not a mosque
  14. Two guys shot their children this week. One was teaching his eight year old daughter about gun safety
  15. Blind people can obtain gun licences
  16. Iowa legalising children of all ages handling firearms
  17. ‘My First Rifle’ from Crickett Firearms. Available in pink
  18. Cliven Bundy and his treasonous scum being bankrolled by the Koch brothers
  19. People threatening to lynch your country’s president and walking away scot free
  20. ‘Mexicans are lazy… and steal our jobs.’ Please feel free to explain the paradox in this view
  21. A wall across the Mexican border. Paid for by Mexico. How will that work?

It may all seem pretty straightforward that side of the pond, but I am genuinely baffled. The GOP make out Toffs looks sane by comparison.