That Fat Madman in the US has been at it again. He’s upset by something somebody said about him. The ex-President of Mexico pulled no punches when he said, ‘We’re not paying for that fucking wall.’ The Fat One took umbrage at the expletive, and tweeted demanding an apology.

You have to admire a guy who has several times used the word on television, and in addition has called all Mexicans lazy drug dealing criminals, who steal Murican jobs (while being lazy). Who also make quite a lot of his Trump Signature clothing. Oh hang on. Did I say admire him? No, you don’t have to at all.

“Donald Trump Is Completely Fucking Nuts” – Kim Jong-un

TFF has also said that when he’s prez, he’s going to take on the US media, so when ‘they write purposely negative and false articles, we can sue.’ This from a man who’s the darling of Fox News, which is not noted for the accuracy of its reporting. Of course, what he means is anybody being negative about him, and sod the rest of the world.

Closer to home, Gorge has hinted at the G20 summit in Shanghai that more austerity measures than we expected might have to be imposed. These measures will, I have no doubt, be applied firstly to MPs, with swingeing cuts to their salaries, expenses, attendance allowances, and the rest of the panoply of goodies they enjoy. That man is such a shitbag. He gets to go to Shanghai on a jolly, and pensioners here are freezing to death.

Even the Institute of Fiscal Studies think he has his head up his arse. That’s not quite what was said, but that’s the gist of it, and the IFS is not known for its left leaning views.

Rhyming Slang has been at it again too. He’s announced a review of junior doctors’ morale, to be chaired by Dame Sue Bailey of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. Here’s the best bit, though. The review will not have the remit to examine how pay and terms and conditions have an impact on morale. Bear in mind there are three more strikes planned in a profession that’s not prone to such things, so you can probably assume that morale is pretty low, and it’s because of pay and conditions.

Back to the concept of vote rigging. Nick Clegg popped up claiming that during the coalition (ha!) the Toffs vetoed spending plans for more social housing, claiming that what would happen would be the creation of more Labour voters. Toffs don’t want that.

Tim Farron stuck his head over the parapet too. The least well known politician in the UK pointed out that the government funded Starter Homes programme was open to abuse, since if you buy a new home at the planned 20% discount, there’s no requirement for you to actually live in the bloody thing. You can let it out at usurious rents. That way you create a whole new load of Toff voters, and a whole new wave of proles.

And a last note about proles. In the US, the ferociously rightwing Michele Bachman has in all seriousness suggested that poor people should not be allowed to vote because they pay no federal income tax. Forget that the Constitution gives the vote to all. If you’re poor you can sod off.