Not been an edifying time in politics either side of the Atlantic.

Pigshagger rounded on Jeremy Corbyn recently. At PMQs, or Children’s Hour as I think of it, he said something along these lines to the Labour Party leader.

‘My mother would tell you to tie your tie, fasten your top button, and sing the National Anthem.’

If you have to invoke your mother’s (probably fictional) views as a means of furthering political discussion, you’ve pretty well lost the argument, haven’t you? As it happens, Jezzer was wearing a tie. He doesn’t sing the National Anthem because he’s a republican at heart. I don’t sing it because I find it offensive from the very first word (God), and because it’s a jingoistic, miserable dirge.

Jezzer replied with a great deal of dignity, but made the schoolboy error of invoking his mother and her views on the NHS. Pretty much playground politics.

However, that episode pales into insignificance when compared with what went down in the US last week.

Marco Rubio commented on the size of TFF’s hands, implying that the woven-headed one might be a bit lacking in the genitalia stakes. TFF was having none of it, and made it clear he’s hung like a donkey. We were then treated to live footage of a debate of national and international importance degenerating into a slanging match about the candidates’ penises. The debate should be about why the two men are such pricks full stop.

Has it really come to this? Politicians in two of the most influential countries in the world going, ‘Yah boo sucks to you!’? At least Pigshagger and Corbyn are from different political parties.

Gorgeous George and his friends at the Treasury are getting panicky about the Hinkley Point nuclear development. This is the one that a French company was going to build, in the UK, using Chinese cash and expertise, to a design that’s known to have safety issues, and which we’ve already bankrolled to the tune of a cool two billion quid for some reason I can’t fathom.

Now EDF, having lost their financial director and the project manager in under a month, are getting cold feet, so Gorge is going to have to dig deep into our pockets if the perfidious French pull the plug both literally and metaphorically.