You may have gained the impression that I’m no great admirer of Pigshagger and his socially divisive ideological posturing, and you’d be quite right to have arrived at that conclusion. But sometimes he does things with such breathtaking chutzpah that I go, ‘That guy really has got some nerve, I’ll give him that.’

He’s been a busy bee this week touring the country and frightening the children with horror stories, or more like fairy tales, of the bogeyman under the bed should the UK vote to leave the EU. National and military security go out the window, food prices will rise as farms go under, jobs will be lost, and the sky will fall.

Here’s the good bit. In Swindon on Thursday, he was talking to (ie lecturing) some car workers on the dangers to employment should we leave. This is what he said.

‘…there is nothing more important than protecting people’s financial security.’

This in a week where the Toffs forced through a decision to lop 30 quid off the ESA disability component. That helps protect financial security, doesn’t it? It’s also the week when the ONS released figures showing that nearly 900,000 workers in the UK are now on zero hours contracts, which is great for their financial security.

MPs are pretty secure though, with the 11% rise they awarded themselves, and the extra 960 quid on top of that they nodded through this week. Also this week, Gorge has announced inflation breaking rises in council tax, also, in Toffland, protecting financial security. What’s really going on, of course, is that Gorge and his cronies are forcing councils to increase taxes while cutting back on services, thereby carrying the can for his fartarsing about trying to convince us he’s going to reduce the deficit. That will be the deficit that has doubled since the Toffs came to power a little over five years ago, will it?

Hearteningly, Pigshagger got a shiv between his ribs from an unexpected assassin. Yes, Barack Obama came up on PS’s blindside, and accused him of creating a ‘shit show’ in Libya. The Top Toff has re-asserted that the intervention by the coalition was essential to ‘avoid a bloodbath’, something that may be at variance with the views of families of the poor buggers who got blown to bits.

Again you have to admire the gall of the bloke for telling such whopping lies.