I’ve not written any fiction worth much in about a year, so in search of inspiration I’ve been rummaging in my back catalogue.

The last wholly new story I wrote had a woman literally frightening to death a man who’d jilted her sister. I’ve killed a lot of people by various means. Stabbed, poisoned, bludgeoned, strangled on a ladder (the victim was a circus clown so deserved all he got), shot, suffocated in a grain silo.

I’ve had a female mayfly with a headache. That was fun.

I’ve written about the delights, the disappointments, and the puzzlement of being a child. And the outrage when a little girl discovers she is actually a he with a weird mother.

Mythical creatures? How can I forget my leprechaun XTreem sports freak, Jax O’Bourne? I have no idea where he came from, and anybody saying Ireland will be excommunicated. Trolls. I’ve written about them too. A fairy story with a surprise ending. Yep, you betcha.

There’s been a lonely alien who dies on Earth. More aliens who were shape-shifting telepaths causing havoc at a village fete while trying to understand why there are so many words for trousers in Earthling languages.

Robots. There’s been a couple of those, including one who was sentient enough he had a fervent wish not to die.

Vampires. A real one in Pisa for the luminara, and an English bartender who acted one out because he liked the Twilight films. On the subject of bartenders, there was the bloke in Norfolk who stole parts of people’s souls to keep himself alive for over 150 years. Zombies? Yes, been there.

I’ve had people fall in love, both F/M and F/F. Sex in a terminal care hospice. Incest? Yes, I’ve written about that.

The thing is that, given the things I’ve had a go at, including writing one story entirely in the second person, I’m at a bit of a loss. I’m still dickering about with my comedy detective novel featuring the gorgeous Taluleh Lafayette Dubois from Louisiana, but other than that I seem to have written myself to a standstill.

I don’t feel blocked, more that’s all I’ve got. I’ve fulfilled my quota. How do I come up with something to beat my supernatural maze where criminals are doomed to wander alone for all eternity? I forgot to mention that one.

If you’re interested, type TipsyLit into the search box on this page for some of what I’ve written.