This is a sorry tale, but it did make me chuckle.

The current arch exponent of annoy-a-cop is one Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo. Crazy name, crazy guy. He got a tug from the Old Bill for doing 75 in a 50 zone in Lake County. That’s Lake County in Florida, not the Lake County in California or the one in Illinois.

This is where it takes a serious if somewhat surreal turn. Questioned by the officer who stopped him, Carlos the Jackal said he was desperate to empty his bowels. When asked to get out of the car, he refused, and the officer reached into the car to unlock the door. At this point the perp put the pedal to the metal and hightailed it home.

He made it as far as his drive and was sprinting for his door when he got tased. He was bundled into the back of the cop car, where it transpired he really really needed to void his bowels.

It’s bad enough for the police if somebody pukes in the back of a squad car, but that must be truly vile. However, you can’t say he didn’t give fair warning, as they say in auctioneering circles.

I’ve had a look at his rap sheet, and he’s up in front of the beak for fleeing police, battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle (you have some great sounding crimes in the US),and resisting arrest with and without violence. Nothing at all about faecal incontinence.

I reckon the copper got what was coming to him. When people get tased they often lose control of their nether regions, and Mr Ramos-Erazo was already in trouble.