This was prompted by a meme of a numberplate in the US that reads ANASLEX. Apparently if you have a mind that works oddly you might misread it. I didn’t before you ask. But the history is quite interesting.

It’s on a car owned by an Anna, and it’s a Lexus, hence Anaslex. The are several things wrong here.

  • Why buy a Lexus in the first place? Too much money, too little value. Really. Over 50 gees for this one.
  • Why buy a Lexus softroader in the second place? If you want to drag horseboxes out of a muddy field, you’re fresh out of luck with one of those. Buy a decent used Land Rover with some really nobbly tyres and you’ll be the hero at Jolanda’s first rained off gymkhana.landie Mind you, you’ll be hard pushed to find one these days, since they stopped making them. They’re all driven by hipsters with stupid beards now.
  • Why have a personalised numberplate in the third place? In the UK, most people see a personalised numberplate and assume the owner/driver is a total pillock. A pretentious pillock at that, with an exaggerated sense of their own importance. A narcissist, too. ‘Me me, look at me!’ Just look at the numberplates in ‘Dallas’ if you doubt me on this. The appropriate licence for anybody wanting a personalised one should be NOBHEAD.
  • Why do they allow people who can’t even spell their first name to get a driving licence? If you’re so dumb you don’t even notice the plate does not reflect the spelling of the name you have had since birth, you really shouldn’t be behind the wheel of 3000 lbs of metal.

Maybe the plate should read DYSLEXU. Just a thought.