If you’re not aware of it, there’s a reality television show called Judge Judy, and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to watch this at every available opportunity. I’m not a big fan of reality shows, but this is a doozie.

The premise is that people claiming they’re owed money or property go toe to toe with the people they claim owe it. It’s all done in a mocked up courtroom, but as the preamble says, ‘The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final.’

It’s real carcrash television, because you get to see a lot of halfwits either a/ plainly lying through their teeth, or b/ just being planks. Neither is a tactic you want to adopt in front of Judge Judith Scheindlin.

She been a real judge for about thirty years, and you realise very quickly that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. A friend of mine said, ‘I wouldn’t want to come up the steps and see her behind the bench.’ Nor would I.

There’s a British version featuring a slightly camp Judge Reiner, but he concentrates on being snide, and the programme is a pale imitation of Judge Judy. But things are now taking a somewhat surreal tale, if the US press is to be believed.

You’re all aware of the completely barking Sarah Palin, unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere. Well guess what? The production company behind Judy has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to reprise the programme with the alpha soccermom ‘presiding.’

I can see a couple of problems here. Nobody, not even a redneck with barely a toe in the shallow end of the gene pool, is going to agree to stand up in front of this swivel-eyed loonie, not even for 15 minutes of fame.

Sarah Palin is pretty much unable to string together a sentence, as you’ll know if you listened to any of her rambling and totally incoherent endorsements of TFF for the GOP nomination. Now those were carcrash TV of the very highest order.


Then there’s her track record of making sensible decisions. Remember when she tried to suggest that Josh Duggar, infamous incestuous child molester, had been a victim of a smear campaign?

Then there’s the fact she can’t even get anybody in her own family to pay any attention to her, what with the unmarried Bristol getting up the duff not once but twice. Not much chance of her doing better with villains, is there?

There’s also the worrying aspect that she has no legal training or expertise at all. None. This has not discouraged the production company, Warm Springs, which sounds like some mild sexual perversion. Here’s a quote from them.

Palin’s telegenic personality (eh?), wide appeal (eh?) and common sense wisdom (WHAT?) make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for the project.’

I’d pay good money to watch this show, but the UK audience is a bit too discerning for it to reach the light of day over here.