Since it’s the Easter weekend, a little bit about religion, or what passes for it across the Atlantic.

We have a fair number of gobby evangelicals in the UK, but fortunately most of us don’t take them too seriously. Things are a bit different in the US, alas.

My British fans may be unaware of Michele Bachmann, and your world may be better for that. She’s a raving godbotherer who makes the odious Ted Cruz look like a heathen. She’s also a fierce goptardent, which should surprise nobody, so rabid she makes Trump look like a moderate. And she hates Barack Obama with a passion. Everything about him is tainted. He can do nothing she approves of. The fact he was democratically elected twice doesn’t count in this bigot’s mind.

She’s said some pretty mad/stupid stuff in the past, but this week she excelled herself. She went totally batshit crazy, spitting a mixture of blood and venom with her eyes rolled up into her head like Regan in the film The Exorcist. You may not want to read any further.

Here’s her world view. ISIS/Daesh is God’s work. Why? Because terrorism embarrasses Obama. Just let that sink in for a moment. A bunch of cowardly, murderous bastards doing God’s work.

Firstly, creating ISIS to embarrass Obama is a bit of a sideways approach. Why not simply give him boils, or plague the White House with flies? Or strike him dead?

Then we have the sheer brutality of her view here. ISIS has killed thousands of people, but I’m guessing they don’t count in The World According To Bachmann, since they are mainly Moslems. They believe in Allah, not Bachmann’s real God. You know, that one who is infinitely merciful. Unless he happens not to like Barack Obama, in which case the celestial gloves come off.

The woman is a despicable apology for a human being. In the UK, she’d gain no traction whatsoever, but she’s mainstream in the US. That’s worrying.