I had to eliminate Dagenham since that is far too easy a target. Deptford is an obvious choice. But my sense of fair play again came into action.

Places beginning with D


Who invented this place? And why?


Lawksamussy me. The best thing about Dartford is the bridge across the Thames, so you can escape to Kent, which also has its problems. This place could change its name by deed poll to Diabolicalford, and there would be dancing in the streets.


Hideous. It just is.


Notable only for its rail interchange (cf Crewe) and what remains of the power station.


Jeremy Clarkson was born there and even he hates the place. Mind you, he hates a lot of places. And things. And people. But I’m with him on Doncaster. He’s completely correct.


Unremittingly awful. It has a whopping power station too. A nuclear one. If that goes tits up there’ll be about five quid’s worth of damage to the surroundings, as you can see.hellhole