Again, I was spoilt for choice here.

Places beginning with F


Not only terrible, but has a 50+ space rooftop carpark you can only reach on foot. I haven’t made that up


The happening place to live if you like mothballed power stations. Handy for the A1 and M62


Part of Scarborough in theory, but nowhere near as much fun


Essex village that is pretty in a chocolate box way, and home to some really charming eccentrics. But when some idiot takes down the bridge parapet you’re facing an 8 mile detour to get home. In the summer it’s awash with coach parties acting as if they own the pub


It’s a port. That’s all you need to know


Quite a nice seaside town but horribly sedate and po faced. They didn’t have a pub till a few years ago. Aka God’s Waiting Room