It was a bit of a few days for this when reading about events in the US, and I’m not referring to TFF getting irritated because of the Canuck taking Wisconsin from him. Needless to say TFF is crying, ‘Foul!’ but hey ho. What do you expect from a man who wants to shag his own daughter?

More worrisome was a remark from John Kasich over the weekend. He went on record with this piece of dimwittery. If women don’t want to be sexually assaulted, then they shouldn’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol being drunk. I though the whole ‘women are the ones at fault’ idea was dead and buried, but not on Planet Kasich. No, go where there’s drunken blokes and you’ll get what’s coming to you. This is somebody that is regarded as actually quite sensible compared with the rest of the GOP runners.

That was pretty small beer compared with some complete mental throwback at some obscure church somewhere in the South. He employed a convicted and recently released from jail felon to work with children in the congregation. Problem was, he had been jailed for raping and sodomising a young girl. No real surprise, he reverted to type and raped a 13 year old female member of the congregation while holding a razor to her throat.

The pastor sprung to the defence of the perpetrator, claiming that if the girl had sex with the man (who was, I’ll remind you, threatening to kill her with a razor) then she was as much to blame as the piece of scum. I’m not sure who I despise most, the rapist or the man of God defending his actions, because God has forgiven the rapist’s sins. I’m sure that will be a great consolation for the girl and her family.

On the subject of nutjob religious zealots, another story broke about a female pastor, also in the South, which may not surprise you too much. Anyway, she said it was OK if children die if their parents decide to use faith healing instead of medical treatment. To force them to use medicines would be an assault on their religious freedoms and beliefs.

Now if I had a child who was ill, and I tried to pray for the child’s return to health, and the child died, I might just go, ‘Well that didn’t f****** work, did it?’ But not this woman. She reckons that death is a natural part of life.

She’s right, of course. But I rather hope she ends up in a car wreck, and the paramedics turn up and say they’ll prey for her instead of trying to stem the bleeding.

Then, serendipitously, this turned up.

Snake Handling Christian Bitten By Rattler, Refuses Treatment, Promptly Dies