The bad news is this post is about TFF, aka The Weave. The good news is it mocks him mercilessly.

You may recollect that a few weeks ago TFF and Marco Rubio had a playground squabble about who had the bigger penis. This was not an edifying argument, and confirmed in the eyes of the rest of the world that neither of these two halfwits was fit for office.

Now it’s got interesting, courtesy of an artist called Ilma Gore, whom I believe is not related to Al Gore, though that would make things even better. She created a portrait of TFF naked, and with a very small willy. Unsurprisingly, this image went nuclear on Facebook and elsewhere.

As a result, the artist got threatened with a lawsuit from an anonymous plaintiff, but the anonymity is only skin-deep, surely? Anyway, she upped sticks from the US and is currently in London. The picture itself is on display at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair. It’s not a pretty sight, but do go along and form your own opinion.

Here’s the artist’s comment on ‘Make America Great Again,’ as the portrait is titled.

‘… was created to evoke a reaction from it audience, good or bad, about the significance we place on our physical selves. One should not feel emasculated by their penis size or vagina, as it does not define who you are. Your genitals do not define your gender, your power, or your status… Simply put, you can still be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants.’

Now the really good news. The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas has offered to host this masterpiece. Dr Victoria Hartmann, the executive director of the Museum, made a splendidly tongue in cheek statement.

‘…we have been following the question over Trump’s endowment since Marco Rubio mocked Trump’s small hands at the beginning of the year.’


By the way, this happened in a week when The Lying Canadian, who has banned the sale of sex toys in his state of Texas, claims that there is no Constitutionally enshrined right for people to masturbate. This is true, but probably because the Founding Fathers were concerned with somewhat more important matters than anybody having a quick one off the wrist.

It’s also a pretty rich claim from a bloke who is such an obvious total wanker.