This is a sequel to the Tuesday post about stunned disbelief.

There’s a head teacher, Tracey Jones, who caused a bit of a stink last week. She’s been sending female pupils home from the Lord Grey School in Bletchley if their skirts are too short. Her reasoning, and I have a bit of sympathy with it, is that girls should not appear overly sexualised when at school. Then she wrecked the good work by saying they should appear ‘demure and modest.’ Really, she is on record as saying that.

Then she went completely swivel-eyed. ‘We have a tower block with six flights of stairs. The last thing we want is boys peering up girls skirts.’ Yes, I can see that that’s more of a concern than the impending GCSE exams.

I think it might be better to teach boys not to peer up skirts. I also assume that Ms Jones insists on Victorian swimming costumes for the gels when there are mixed swimming lessons, and for gymnastics.

This week she upped the ante even further. Uniforms must not be too tight. Brace yourselves here.

‘For those girls who are not very slim, tight clothing emphasises their heftiness, and is unflattering.’

Yes she really did use the word heftiness.

I imagine that when she spots a hefty girl, she says, ‘My word. You’re a bit of a porker, aren’t you? Get off home and put on a sack, you lardie.’

As a means of fat shaming and encouraging body dysmorphia it’s hard to beat. The school will need to be renamed Ms Jones’s Academy for Anorexics.

The teenage years are a sodding nightmare anyway, especially for girls being subjected to peer pressure of an intense level. The last thing they need is an authority figure telling them they’re barge-arses.

I also read a couple of weeks ago that intelligent girls try to conceal their brightness for fear of being ridiculed for being swotty and hence unattractive. I don’t get that. I have never in my life been out with a bimbo. I like intelligent women, and I always have. Every bloke I know likes smart women.

At university, the male lecturer most widely regarded as the faculty hunk was married, to the bemusement of the female students, to a woman who was rather plain. She was sharp as a tack and quick as a whippet, with a stratospheric IQ. I could see what he saw in her.