I have a great deal of admiration for Barack Obama. His presidency has seen a rebirth of the US, it’s been economically sound, he’s done pretty well considering the huge goptard resistance to him in both the House and the Senate.

Now, though, he needs to stop his attempted meddling in the affairs of another four countries, to wit those that form the United Kingdom. Just bugger off and mind your own business, Mr President.

Mr Obama has flown into the UK ostensibly to wish the Queen happy birthday. You may wish to consider the irony there, since back in the late 1700s the US hated the monarchy with a passion.

Where he’s blotted his copybook is by gobbing off about the need for the UK to remain in the EU. It gets worse. He’s pulling the despicable stunt of trying to tug at the heartstrings, and basing his appeal on the ‘silent testament’ of American deaths in WWII, whose sacrifice forged the special relationship with the UK and hence with the EU.

Oh really? My view is that Pigshagger has done some extremely spirited arse licking to get Obama to stick his head over the parapet. F*** knows what concessions he’s made in his desperation not to look like the wanker he is should the UK vote to leave. He’s already bribed the IMF, the ECB, the CBI, and various others to make Project Fear stick, so I see no reason at all to imagine he hasn’t grovelled at Obama’s feet for his backing.

Let’s be clear here. The US is fiercely protective of its sovereignty. No issue with that, none at all. It will not tolerate other countries meddling in its decisions and actions. Therefore, it ill behoves the leader of one of the most jingoistic, centric countries in existence to then start lecturing the populace of another four sovereign countries on what they should do.

The US isn’t interested in the UK or the EU. It’s interested in the US, and only the US. Nothing else counts. Every action, every word that the US does or says is intended to advance the US agenda.

So, Mr Obama, please go and have some birthday cake and a nice cup of tea with Her Madgeness, and shut the f*** up. You do not get to dictate to me or to anybody else that we ought to vote the way you think suits you best. It’s NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

What is your affair is the madhouse that is Congress at the moment, the fact that you have 30,000 deaths a year because the goptards are in thrall to the NRA, that governors routinely block unanimous decisions by their own local legislature, that That Fat F*****  The Weave is still on the ascendant…

Set your own bloody house in order before you come here lecturing me.