My mate Kev made a pretty good case for Kent. ‘All of Kent.’ I sort of see what he means, but bits of it are OK, though some parts are rather up themselves.

I also took out quite a lot of Scottish places, many of which begin with K. For example, Kirriemuir, JM Barrie’s birthplace, is really nice. But one made it into the list.

I wanted to include Kirby Misperton, which sounds like some sort of medieval felony, but I’ve never been there.

Places beginning with K


It’s in Yorkshire, so the wrong side of the Pennines


In Warwickshire, has a castle. That’s it


Odd one this. It’s in Northamptonshire, and it’s not a place that looks unpleasant at all. But something about it sets my teeth on edge. It’s also not far from Leicester, about which more next week


Much of Worcestershire is very very pretty. Kidderminster isn’t. It should be but 60s planning regulations allowed the soul to be cast into the fiery pit


It’s not a nasty place, and like many towns in Scotland is worth a visit. But you don’t want to live there. A couple of months ago the Forth road bridge needed some TLC and was closed. Since Kincardine is home to the next nearest bridge, guess where all the vehicles went? 66,000 a day. The traffic jams went over the horizon

King’s Langley

Even Kev runs out of spleen trying to express his hatred of this place

Kingston upon Hull

I didn’t have room to fit Hull into the Hs, but since strictly it’s a K that didn’t matter. A pit of a place. Also, the Hull river after which it is named is little more than a muddy ditch full of shopping trolleys and dumped twocked cars. Meanwhile, the main waterway where the docks are is the substantial River Humber, which is spanned by what was one the world’s longest suspension bridge. But they named the place after a trickle of effluent, and things have never looked up since that day. There’s been an attempt at gentrification down on the waterfront. I used to go there a lot, and the best restaurant in town was in the Holiday Inn. Say no more


Jesus wept