I admit I am a sucker for what many people describe, wrongly and very sneerily, as chick flicks. Yes, despite my curmudgeonly online persona, I am a sucker for a bit of onscreen slush. But it has to be well done slush.

Let’s start with Elvira Madigan. It’s incredibly moving. If you have never seen it, get a big box of tissues in for the event. I sobbed so hard at the end my then girlfriend left me in the cinema and went to the pub to await me while I regained control.

That one goes back a good while. Closer to now, how could anybody not like Four Weddings and a Funeral? Out of the same stable, Notting Hill. You need to be a churl to dislike that. Love Actually wasn’t quite as good, but still engaging.

You may wonder why I have chosen now to go all feak and weeble on you. There’s a good reason, because I picked up on a repeat of a film that rather enchanted me when I saw it when it first came out. It still is lovely.

Steve Martin as a comic is not really my cup of tea. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid is very funny, but it’s just a big-budget version of those videos on YouTube with cleverly edited footage of people falling off skateboards and bursting into flames.

But in Roxanne, I forgive him. Yes, it’s a rework of Cyrano de Bergerac, but it’s very warm and funny, and very gentle and really rather lovely.

Darryl Hannah is not the world’s greatest actress either. Ever seen Clan of the Cave Bear? But she plays Roxanne with such immense innocent charm and vulnerability it is hard to not fall in love with her. The fact she looks hot as hell doesn’t do any harm either. I had a very likeable evening watching this again.

Other films I really like in this genre? The Truth About Cats and Dogs. That’s Cyrano de Bergerac again. Ten Things I Hate About You. A brilliant take on Taming of the Shrew. Never Been Kissed. A gem. Just nice. Not challenging. Just nice. Nice is OK. And it’s nice. And OK.

And any and every film John Hughes ever directed. Best one of the admittedly difficult to choose offerings? Some Kind of Wonderful.

If you don’t like that film, appreciate the charm, I may not be your friend any longer. We may just have fallen out.