On Friday the Daily Mail, my favourite irritant, published an entire 2/3 page article about a woman’s sex life. Or, more accurately, lack of it.

I didn’t read the article. I didn’t have to, since a friend of mine did, and spent a lot of time swearing fluently.

Apparently some minor celeb, whom I can’t name because I can’t remember, was whingeing on about how she was too busy being successful these days to have a sex life with her husband. I suppose this means she has gone from Having It All to Not Having It At All.

One good reason I can’t remember her name is that she’s a nonentity who apparently came runner up on a television programme I have never seen called. Runner up on a second rate reality show makes her even less interesting than the shiny pebbles small children insist on showing you at the beach.

I’m also not at all interested in people washing their dirty laundry in public, though in this stupid bat’s case presumably the laundry is more or less pristine.

She even, so I was told, went on to say she would completely understand if her husband had an affair, since her sex drive was zero, and she was sure he had ‘needs.’ That’s a statement guaranteed to make him feel really good about himself, and I have no doubt it contributed a great deal to harmony in the matrimonial home.

Also, I simply don’t believe that she wouldn’t mind. I think she’s either flat out lying, or fooling nobody but herself.

I also seem to recollect that last year the self-same rag published a two page article about the ‘agony of betrayal’ (the Mail’s words) that women feel when their partner plays away.

On an unrelated topic, but one that doesn’t warrant a whole blog, researchers in Toronto have found that people who post a lot of selfies rate themselves more attractive than do the people looking at these selfies. I always suspected this to be the case. Nice to have my deeply held bias confirmed.

Oh, and those taking a lot of selfies are regarded as being more narcissistic. There’s a surprise, eh?