If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ll be aware of the plethora of inspirational memes there are cluttering up the interweb.

Generally there’s a picture of a sunset, or a flower, and words along the lines of, ‘You’re bright. You’re precious. You’re light/blooming enriches the World.’ There’s usually a grammatical error such as you’re instead of your, and it may all be written in lower case just to infuriate me.

Sometimes God will be invoked.

‘God created you to be just who you are. You are nobody else. You are the perfect YOU.’

I tend to skip memes like that since I was always convinced they were a/ posted by people of weak intellect and judgement, and b/ read by people of weak intellect and judgement. I knew there was some evidence from my own experience. People who are switched on by Deepak Chopra’s wisdom need to get out a bit more, I’ve found.

I get bombarded with crap like this from one of my FB friends, who’s an antivaxxer (her spelling) chemtrail enthusiast who doesn’t believe we got men on the Moon, and does believe that aliens built the Pyramids. I rather like her, but she is totally bonkers.

But now it seems my suspicions and prejudice were justified. The whole ‘Nobody died wishing they’d spent more time at work’ field has been turned on its head. There’s been a survey.

You know I love surveys. But this one seems to have been carried out properly by a university in Canada. The team randomly generated ‘deepisms’ and examined people’s reactions to them.

Well guess what? I was right all along.

People who found them profound were, and I quote, ‘…less reflective, lower in cognitive ability – numeracy, verbal intelligence – more prone to ontological confusions (I like that phrase) and conspiratorial ideation, and more likely to hold paranormal beliefs.

Well I never did! Whoever would have thought it? What this effectively says is that if you’re a dimwit, you buy the bullshit.

I think I prefer photos of somebody’s dinner, and you know how much I like those.

On the subject of conspiracy ideation, a friend asked me the other day, ‘Do you believe we landed men on the Moon?’

‘Yes. Absolutely. No question.

‘I like a man with conviction.’

‘Of course you do. You’re a scouser.’

Only Brits will get this joke, and even some of them will miss it. I thought it was pretty clever.