Strictly this is maid’s day of, given it’s a bank holiday, but my loyal readers will turn up anyway.

I give you Jeremy Schwartz, the CE of Body Shop. I know that’s a household name in the UK, but for those of you who have never heard of it sells expensive cosmetics to the ‘macramé your own sandals’ brigade. There’s heavy reliance on ‘natural’ ingredients, so that the prices can be ‘artificially’ high.

Anyway, Mr Schwartz is in a tizzy. Apparently war, climate change, and human exploitation are putting a strain on such must-have ingredients as tea tree oil and moringa seed oil. He’s calling for urgent action to protect biodiversity in the Amazon, Indonesia, and Africa ‘before it is too late.’

Now listen to this bit.

‘Our natural nuts, our leaves, our fruits come from some of the most endangered areas. …it could be that in the future we could struggle to get the quantity and quality of the ingredients we need.’

Where do we start? Well, first up, he can’t bleat on about human exploitation of resources when he heads up a company that’s at least in part responsible for that exploitation, can he? Not in all conscience.

Secondly, the effects of war etc have a bit more impact than just the supply of pricey cosmetics to the Goop generation. People starve while he’s plundering nature for pampered humans in the UK. Wrong priorities, methinks.

He then wittered on about the threat to the green belt areas in the UK because of the amount of building that’s going on. This conveniently ignores the fact that building here is currently in the doldrums.

If he’d opened fire on fracking licences, I’d have thought he had a point, though as ever it escapes me as to why his opinion should count more than mine does.

I think he needs to get his head out of his about-faced arse.