This fuckwit is in charge of your life. And your pensions, your savings. Your environment… I thought this deserved another outing


Gorge is moonlighting.

In his role of Chancellor of the Exchequer, not surprisingly, he detailed a Budget this week that exclusively benefited the better off. The top 10% of the wealth owners and earners got about 50% of the booty, what with the raised threshold for the 40% rate of income tax, and the sodding about with capital gains tax. The top 20% got 80% of the lucre. Meanwhile the poor bastards at the bottom got bugger all, and the disabled got shafted to the tune of £1.4 billion. Even the Toffs are rebelling at that.

Then he decided to play at Health Minister. There’s to be a new tax on sugar, with the avowed aim of reducing obesity in children by making soft drinks more expensive. It may have this effect, because in countries that already have a tax, consumption has fallen. However, and this is quite a big…

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