You may recollect my recent post about a liking for what people call chick flicks. A couple of days ago I mentioned to Klarissa, one of my friends on FB, that I’d just watched Enough Said. It’s really rather charming, I said, lightweight but likable.

She once more expressed some surprise at this softer side to my kickarse personality, but it really should have come as no surprise if she’d read my back catalogue of short stories over on Wattpad, or even EtherBooks. The very first story that ever got through the editors on EtherBooks was a love story called The Case of the Dancing Waitress.

Currently I’m looking to self publish an anthology on KDP, and I sought the advice of one of my real writer friends I know through my writers’ circle. The thing was, I couldn’t decide what to include. Since I’ve done stories about pirates, vampires, robots, aliens, shape-shifting telepathic dogs (yes, really), assassins, serial killers, wife abusers, and a fairy story, among other things, I was a bit spoiled for choice.

My mate Whiplash went for the jugular.

‘You’re really good at those quirky love stories you do. They’re generally funny, always warm, and you’ve got to have a theme for a self created anthology. Go with them.’

She had a point, and given her prodigious output and workrate, she probably knows what she’s talking about. So that is what I’m working on.

They’re mainly conventional in the sense they’re largely M/F, because that is, as they say, what I know. I have written some F/F, because I know what it’s like to fall in love with a woman, so I can sort of understand both sides of that particular equation. I don’t write in Whiplash’s genre, M/M, occasionally M/M/M romance, because I have never fallen in love with a man, so I just find it hard to imagine. Mind you, I’ve never been a serial killer either. I think it’s just that the M/M genre doesn’t interest me.

If you’re interested

and search for Duncan Swallow.

By the way, Whiplash isn’t my mate’s real name. It’s a historical artefact from when I first met her.