Right. I’ve been very restrained about the referendum, but now I have had it up to my back teeth.

Pigshagger and Gorge wheeling out the bogeymen of penury, war, Black Death, and the zombie apocalypse if we leave the EU? I’d expect nothing less of the Mendacious Duo. Horror stories from assorted big guns with vested interests in Stay? Not unexpected in the slightest. The continuance of the NHS is now predicated on Remain, or so some wackjob is claiming today.

The Brexit squad are similarly trying desperately to frighten the children with horror stories of the entire population of the world storming through the Channel Tunnel. That’s the main thrust of their argument.

I’m almost tempted to vote Leave just to piss off Pigshagger and Gorge, but that would mean me voting with Odious, Bozzer, and Farrago, which I find difficult to justify. But as it happens, it won’t make any difference anyway.

The Stay campaign has much more support in the Commons than has the Go campaign. But here’s the thing. If, as seems possible, the vote goes to Brexit, the people who wanted to stay intend to go, effectively, ‘Well, stuff the voters, we’re staying anyway.’

The idea being floated is that they would demand Britain stayed in. This might involve a deal like the one that Norway has. It contributes to EU coffers, has access to open trade, but here’s the odd thing. It has no say in how the EU is run.

So now we have the worst of all possible outcomes. The voters are ignored, so that’s f*** off to the democratic process. We then end up forking out unspecified amounts of cash to retain access to the markets, and at the same time have no say in how that moolah is spent. That’s really smart, isn’t it?

Some pillock called Stephen Kinnock is leading the charge. His dad Neil must be proud of him for trying to subvert the democratic process. Or maybe not.

Anyway, Stephen Pillock denied that he was suggesting that parliament should not respect the will of the people. Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he? He’s not going to hold his hands up and say, ‘It’s a fair cop!’ now is he?

On a different matter, the notorious war criminal Tony ‘Bushlicker’ Blair has said he looks forward to a ‘healthy debate’ when the long delayed Chilcott report into the Iraq war is published in July.

Tony, me ol’ china, the time for debate is long gone. You cannot now say, ‘Well, you know, I know how long the enquiry went and, you know, that the report is running over 2,000,000 words but, you know, if I don’t agree with the findings, the whole thing is, you know, invalid.’

What a f***** narcissistic wanker.